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MACSAX® Saxophones

MAC Classic™
MAC 8™
MAC Magnum™
MACSAX Soprano
MACSAX Soprano
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The MAC Classic™ is an all new horn built specially for MACSAX. The new Classic has wonderful key-works, perfect fit/finish, and delivers a warm rich sound that rivals any competing product. The Classic is perfect for ensemble and Jazz performers. 

The MAC Magnum™ is a soloist's dream. The Magnum is a standard bore horn with an enlarged bell that is offered in two bare brass finishes. The Vintage Bare finish is reminiscent of the horns of the 1950’s-1960’s where the lacquer had worn down to bare brass.  It has a dark golden brown patina--like that of an aged MK VI. The Bronze/Golden Un-Lacquered finish offers a very modern look, yet still boasts the big vibrant sound of an unfinished brass horn.  You will find that the Magnum has a bit more resistance than the Classic or MAC 8. 

The MAC 8™,  introduced in 2008, has had the critics raving.  The MAC 8 boasts a larger bore, enlarged big bell, and double arms on the low keys of the horn.  The MAC 8 has a huge, clear, developed sound, yet will whisper with warm sensuous passage. The MAC 8 is a bit brighter than the Magnum.  The new MAC 8 RTH EX is a MAC 8 enhanced with rolled tone holes and black Roo pads with solid copper resonators.  This is the ultimate horn for the soloist.

The MACSAX Bari™ is an all new Bari Sax that rivals any baritone saxophone past or present!  The MAC Bari has a large 7.5 inch bell flare, double arms on all four low keys, Black Roo pads with copper resonators, triple neck-strap hooks and a new compact keyboard.  This bari screams!  We are offering the new bari in traditional finishes as well as the two new bare finishes.

The MACSAX EMPYREAL boasts the warm vintage sound not found in an alto saxophone since the days of the Selmer Mark VI.  This horn is also a viable alternative to the expense and maintenance required to own and play a Mark VI.  Designed with the professional player in mind, the EMPYREAL surpasses expectations for meeting the vintage standard with its superior feel, resonance, and ultimate sound. 

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